tigoderm skincare day


The first natural cosmetics with microencapsulated active antioxidants from green tea. Supported by pure vitamin C, which noticeably clears and refreshes your skin while protecting its outer shell from environmental influences.




In tigoderm skincare day cream, the most valuable components of green tea extract unfold its effectiveness the moment they touch the skin. The green tea polyphenols contain potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties, and show significant potential in improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. As powerful antioxidant, green tea protects our outer shell from environmental influences, including UV rays and free radicals, and support the natural detoxification function of the skin. Green tea helps with impurities, both internally and externally. And green tea acts as a fountain of youth on the cellular level, making the skin elastic and dynamic. In addition, the special organic oil combination of argan oil, rice oil, silizium oil and apricot oil makes this cream a holistic skin care.


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