Accolades for tigovit and tigosol

Uterine fibroids occur in 80% of women over 45 years old- most of us don’t know we have it and live with excessive bleeding, lower back and abdomen pain, bloating without knowing we have uterine fibroid(s). I had ultrasound and they found 10cm uterine fibroid. BOOM! OB suggested right away hysterectomy as he was offering me side of fries with my burger! After refusing such invasive solution he mentioned ECGC ( green tea) could help. I’ve researched for days until I found this gem! I chatted with the seller ( who is the distributer for this German company) and she explained all about this product and company. Not your regular seller chasing $$! She is super passionate about this product and very knowledgeable. I have been taking 1 pill 3xday and after 4 months ultrasound showed the fibroid have shrunk to 7.1cm. That is 30% smaller in just 4 months!!! My OB was in shock and couldn’t believe such success with natural product wventhough he was the one to suggest it. You have to remember that caffeine is a big offender for UF and this one has the smallest amount of caffeine in the market. Plus has better absorption due to including Bioperine. 

Another benefit is that I lost 15 lbs in 4 months which is added benefit of ECGC! No excercize – just this product.

Remember, great effective products don’t need ads, so when you see products pop up on top of your search, the seller paid for it. Also, you have to carefully read reviews hopping they were written by real people. I was not compensated in any way and just hoping I can help other fellow sufferers as I know how debilitating this can be.

This is made in Germany, and you all know how big they are on homeopathy and healthy healing! Additionally, their product has to pass more strict EU quality control then here so you know for sure you are getting the best product.

I will continue taking this for life even after I completely get rid of my uterine fibroids as this is a great immune booster and did I mentioned you will lose weight?! 🙂

PS. Also add D3 as that helps as well!
Tania  S.
Amazon Customer, US

A long path of suffering with endometriosis and fibroids lies behind me. After 2 operations, the pain became so severe almost a year ago that my doctor promised me that I would soon beg for the total operation. The green tea capsules from Tigovit were my last chance. I have been taking 3 capsules a day for almost a year (in conjunction with turmeric) and after just four weeks I was about 98% symptom-free. The endometriosis and fibroids have shrunk extremely since then. I’m excited. I am also not so tired anymore and have a lot more energy.
Eva, Germany

Last year I was diagnosed with endometriosis during a laparoscopy after my desire to have children remained unfulfilled for a long time. However, I was advised against a complete surgery in the endometriosis center. Instead, I should try to fulfill my desire to have children with the help of reproductive medicine. In addition, I found out how I can of do something natural about endometriosis. In October 2020 I started taking Tigovit, Tigosol and Omega 3 regularly. My cycles lengthened and my period pains became less. My digestion got going too. I got pregnant naturally in May 2021 which is just amazing !! I was able to cancel the IVF that had already been planned :).
Amazon Customer, Germany 

My gynecologist recommended Tigovit because I was always so tired and especially tired in the spring.
I take it now for 3 months daily and can only say top notch! I feel a lot better, I have energy and I feel fit and generally much more driven. I feel my immune system is stronger since taking the capsules and I have lost 5 kg. Of course, Tigovit is not alone responsible but sport and good nutrition, but I definitely notice the supportive effect of the full load of green tea. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the purchase and can only recommend the capsules!
Isabel Wiegman

I’ve been using Tigosol for almost 2 years and it has worked to boost my immune system … haven’t even had a cold since I’ve been taking it. My Vitamin D levels are optimal and I haven’t had any digestive issues since starting this. I highly recommend it.

Mia M 
Amazon verified purchase

I’ve been taking TIGOVIT for over a year. My gynecologist recommended it to me because I have a large fibroid on my uterus. Before I took it, I often had labor-like symptoms. I already had an appointment for surgery, but I didn’t keep it. Because a few weeks after I started using Tigovit, my symptoms went away suddenly and have not reappeared since.
Amazon Customer, Germany

Great dietary supplement!

Although I was very skeptical at the beginning and my had wife had to persuade me several times to take TIGOVIT, I can now say from personal experience that this dietary supplement is great and very effective. I work in a very stressful professional field and since I take TIGOVIT, I have noticed that I am much more efficient, mentally and physically balanced. Colds and the like, in contrast to earlier are very, very rare. The quality of life for me and my wife has increased significantly. I can highly recommend this product.

Yesterday I had another ultrasound to see if the fibroids had shrunk. The largest one has! I’ve been taking Tigovit on and off for awhile, but I’ve really been keeping up with it for about the last three months, knowing I had a scan coming up.
Lisa Rader Sarasota, FL

Been using this great product for almost a year. Was without for 1 and half months. Won’t do that again. I don’t drink my green tea as much as I would like to. But now I know I am covered. Thank you Katja for introducing me to your wonderful product ❤️
Jane Byam, Venice, FL

I took the capsules regular as prescribed and was totally happy when my gynecologist stated at the last appointment that my fibroid had become smaller! Therefore, I highly recommend it!
Sandra Zavaglia

Wow! I have been on the hunt for an effective probiotic after many tries no luck. Initially I was trying tigosol for the Vitamin D3. Along with tigovit for the EGCG, but wow after my third week I have to say it is the most effective gut health system I have tried. I am so happy. My energy is through the roof and I have increased my 30 minute walk to an hour and a half.
Barbara, Chicago

I am very happy with tigovit capsules because they’re organic and vegan! I have noticed a glow in my skin after taking it for over 30 days & it gives me a burst of energy when I take it first thing in the morning. I also believe it has helped me to curb my sugar cravings.
Norma Gomez, Chicago

I was told by a few doctors that I have adenomyosis. I also have a couple small fibroids. I had been bleeding heavily that was nonstop since May 1st – that lasted 5 months. Within the first week of use of tigovit, it stopped. I have regular menstrual cycles now. 🙂
LaShaun  Sk.

I love Tigosol by Tigovit which is a spore probiotic. It really helps clear out my system and gut of all of the “bad stuff”. It is a great, natural chew that I look forward to taking every morning! Super fast shipping, and customer service is a breeze to work with!
Amber Perlmutter

I have been taking Tigovit green tea complex capsules since January 2020. I did due diligence and researched green tea supplements on the internet. The benefits have been myriad. It has given me a general sense of overall wellbeing. I began the regiment to help promote a healthy digestive system and the results have been beneficial. I will continue with my regiment of Tigovit green tea capsules. I would recommend it to anyone seeking an overall boost to their health.
Heather O., Venice FL

I have suffered from Chronic Cluster headaches for over 28 years. I have been hospitalized at least 10 times in the past because the headache were so severe. I received Emgality injections for 15 months and nothing really changed. I started taking Tigovit Green Tea complex and Tigosol Vitamin D probiotic. 3 weeks later my headache have suddenly stopped by about 87% still the same 6 month later. Something seems to be working.
Frank Zito, Chicago

tigovit is a wonderful product. I am nearing the end of my first 30 days on this particular brand of green tea extract and have to say that it works better than expected. I took myself off of all herbs I was taking for a fibroid tumor for two weeks before taking tigovit. Fell back into a rough state and had severe hotflashes as well. Within a week, could see my body getting back in order and am now pretty much inline with where I need to be for fibroid symptom control. I have also found that I have a lot more energy. I highly recommend taking tigovit. It has stablized my thyroid flashes, perimenopausal flashes. I find that many of the symptoms I had with my fibroid have stablized and I have not returned to but one of the herbs I was taking before. Thank you Katja for sharing this wonderful product. I’m hooked!
Katie Schrader

“When I see the happy smile in the mirror, I still can’t believe it’s me.
I’ve been taking the green tea capsules for 9 months and my well-being has improved a lot. I’m pretty sure Tigovit has been a big part of it. That’s why I just want to encourage others to give it a try, that’s all! My goal is to heal myself and help others to heal, and green tea is the best thing in nature, tigovit, green tea ready for us humans!”
Ellie Mberg

It’s been well over a month since I started Tigosol and I am surprised on how well it has helped! My migraines have decreased tremendously, my hot flashes almost completely gone! I researched the mind-gut connection and I believe tigosol has help with the Bacillus Subtilis for the gut, egcg for anti-inflammatory, and vitamin D3 to help support the serotonin levels. I definitely recommend trying Tigosol and will continue to purchase it and share the information with my family and friends.
Cheryl Albert Copeland Rodriguez

Tigovit is such amazing product! I have more energy, better skin and haven’t had a cold since taking it. I love that’s organic and vegan! Highly Recommend!!!
Stefanie Reeves
Hey Katja, I just returned from 2 weeks in Barcelona, Spain and did a 7 day cruise in the Mediterranean. I forgot to bring my Tigovit along and am paying for it. I’m experiencing inflammation and muscle soreness upon my return but have gotten back on Tigovit and am experiencing some much needed relief.
Tim M.
verified purchase

I have tried many green tea products and found, by far, the best capsules are Tigovit. The ingredients are extremely high quality and each batch is meticulously controlled for metals and other impurities. The EGCG level of 160 mg is very good, the combination with Esther C (not simple Vitamin C ) and Bioperine (not profane piperine !!!) is unique and leads to a unique bioavailability you actually notice. It is has not only improved my skin and energy, I am more balanced and the weight reduction I was aiming for over the summer was much better!

Must have Product
I love my Tigovit green tea extract. I am a retired stonemason and I have the occasional joint pain. Tigovit not only lessened my joint pain but it also gave me my focus back. I talked to my doctor about Tigovit and she told me there was nothing bad in the product and I could take it with confidence. This product was shipped to me very promptly. I give it five stars. Brian Howe retired stonemason and musician.
Brian Howe
verified purchase

Tigovit is an easy way to get the benefits of green tea without drinking so many cups. Love the convenience of blister packs which prevents losing efficacy with opening bottles.
Michelle Williams
verified purchase

I was introduced to Tigovit through my doctor. I am very susceptible to illness, have allergies and I get exhausted and tired very quickly. I’ve been taking it for 5 months now and I’m really feeling better, that’s why I’m taking the time to do a review. I’ve tried a lot, put a lot of money into medications, and nothing helped. Tigovit is different and I am very grateful to my doctor for the tip. I highly recommend it for people who, like me, are exposed to occupational strains and have to push their immune system (allergies, burnout endangered or similar). Oh yes, I have also lost 😉 I am very excited and will recommend it to everyone !!!

After 1 month of using Tigovit EGCG I could feel my fibroid getting softer and smaller. I can’t wait for my ultrasound to confirm this💪🙏

I had the opportunity to try tigovit. I have a lot of health and digestive issues. Gastroparesis, dysphagia, dumping syndrome, reflux with aspiration, irritable bowel syndrome, uti, malabsorption due to gastrectomy with ruen x y and many more issues and surgeries.
With all that said i wanted to tell everyone that tigovit is easy to swallow with many natural benefits to help me with my complicated gi health problems. It gives a better quality of life. It is made to help itself by being absorbed no mixing with anything, which means I don’t have to take multiple toxic meds. I love that!
It has been such a blessing to me!
I highly recommend trying it. It can only benefit you!
I also tried tigosol. They complement each other very well.
Just try it now!
Robin Noecker

review for EGCG green tea extract tigovit

I am excited!!!
Unfortunately I have endometriosis. For this reason, my wish for a child remained unfulfilled for a long time. At the beginning of 2017 I am started taking Tigovit 3 times a day. My general condition increased rapidly, my menstrual pain subsided and my cycle stabilized. At the end of 2017 I became pregnant. I am thrilled with Tigovit and would recommend it to anyone.

I love Tigosol by Tigovit which is a spore probiotic. It really helps clear out my system and gut of all of the “bad stuff”. It is a great, natural chew that I look forward to taking every morning! Super fast shipping, and customer service is a breeze to work with!
Amber Perlmutter on Google!

I have been taking tigosol for several months and it has helped my digestion and overall health. I ran out and noticed my stomach bloating and just generally unhappy. Once I started taking the supplement again no more morning stomach pain and upset. I think the combination of vitamin d and the bacillus gets great balance of good gut bacteria for a happy healthy body. I highly recommend!
Ruth Schroeder, local customer

Unfortunately I have endometriosis. For this reason, my wish for a child remained unfulfilled for a long time. At the beginning of 2017 I started taking Tigovit 3 times a day. My general condition increased rapidly, my menstrual pain subsided and my cycle stabilized. At the end of 2017 I became pregnant. I am thrilled with Tigovit and would recommend it to anyone.

I have been taking tigovit capsules daily for over 2 years. For me it’s a great product, it includes green tea extract without pesticides and heavy metals. Also, the effect is enormous, I am not so often sick and injured. I’m fitter and more focused than usual. It keeps you awake and is easy to take. 
I had no side effects when taking. I recommend the product to anyone, especially those who value the highest quality.
Top Fit Amazon review

Every time, a boost for energy and balance both physically and mentally!

I have been taking Tigovit for two years and I am fully convinced of this product. In my job and in my private life, I feel spiritually fit, resilient and full of energy. I simply have a more positive attitude. I have never noticed any side effects and knowing tigovit is free of negative additives, such as pesticides, gives me the confidence that I am doing something good for my body.  Definitely worth it!
Benjamin Huseman

A Great Supplement, I recommend it!

The “TIGOFIT” capsules really do what they promise. After only a short period of taking 3 capsules a day, not only have my inflammations diminished, but my complexion has improved. Anyone looking for a healthy diet and effective antioxidants should try this supplement. The active ingredient, EGCG, seem to be very effective and, in my opinion, should be much better known. I give it five stars.

Anne Reko

Super Product

My doctor recommended tigovit because I am always tired and weak and have a poor immune system. Since taking tigovit I am much more active, can concentrate better and have not fallen ill. I recommend it as it is a high quality product with pure ingredients.

Amazon Customer