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The first natural probiotic cosmetics green tea extract and Vitamin C.

We are thinking about beauty from the inside out – in the natural rhythms of nature. With that in mind, we have carefully combined only the best active ingredients in both components of our skincare range.

100% pure 100% alive


What makes Tigoderm so special?

Skincare with a unique combination of active ingredients

tigoderm skincare day

In tigoderm skincare day cream, the most valuable components of green tea extract unfold its effectiveness the moment they touch the skin. The green tea polyphenols contain potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties, and show significant potential in improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. As powerful antioxidant, green tea protects our outer shell from environmental influences, including UV rays and free radicals, and support the natural detoxification function of the skin. Green tea helps with impurities, both internally and externally. And green tea acts as a fountain of youth on the cellular level, making the skin elastic and dynamic. In addition, the special organic oil combination of argan oil, rice oil, silizium oil and apricot oil makes this cream a holistic skin care.

tigoderm skincare night

In tigoderm skincare night cream, our holistic synergy concept brings a therapeutic probiotic (Bacillus Subtilis) to the skin with the probiotic night care. After intensive research, we are happy to present you the first natural cosmetics with living cultures. Bacillus Subtilis brings the skin flora back into balance overnight. As skin pH increases with age, our skin becomes drier, allowing the bad bacteria to grow. Skin imbalance is often caused by incorrect colonization, such as with Staphylococcus aureus or with fungi or viruses. Our probiotic based night cream balances the skin PH by providing it with healthy bacteria and it also protects the skin barrier against free radical damage. In addition, the rose oil, shea butter, borretsch oil, apricot oil and jojoba oil, will smooth your skin while you sleep, make it supple and support regeneration. consumption of one lozenge per day.

We rely exclusively on natural substances, because nothing is purer than mother nature. And nothing protects better against environmental influences like 100% natural cosmetics.

Nature always works with synergies. We have taken this effect as a model. Our creams provide most benefits when applied together, day and night, and with that
in mind, we have created our perfect recipe. We have rethought facial skincare: tigoderm day & night, with the innovative composition of antioxidants and probiotics.

tigoderm supports cell renewal. Day and night.

During the day with green tea and vitamin C, at night with Bacillus Subtilis and rose oil.

During the day, the skin’s cellular recycling processes are naturally boosted by the antioxidants in green tea. At night, exactly these processes are further supported by the Bacillus Subtilis.

tigoderm supports the protective function of the skin. Day and night.

Secondary plant substances (especially the EGCG) serve the tea plant as protection against predators and UV radiation. These polyphenols also support our skin in its protective function. The microorganisms, supported by Bacillus Subtilis, strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and improve its barrier function. Without the right microorganisms, our skin would be defenseless. The variety determines our skin function and the Bacillus Subtilis plays a conducting role. Both creams are carefully packaged in airless containers, which means that their active ingredients remain stable and unfold its full potential on the skin.