FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  1. Is the Green tea in tigovit and tigosol decaffeinated?

    Yes the green tea extract is decaffeinated. The amount is less than 2 mg per capsule and even less in tigosol.
    Which makes it a good choice for anyone sensitive to caffeine. 

  2. Where are tigovit and tigosol being shipped from?

    The exclusive distributor for these products is located in Venice FL that’s where your purchase will be shipped from.

  3. Where are tigovit and tigosol manufactured?

    Both are manufactured in Germany.  

  4. Can I take tigovit green tea extract if I want to get pregnant?

    Yes, you can take tigovit, before a pregnancy, meaning if you want to get pregnant.

  5. Can I take tigovit green tea extract when I am pregnant?

    No, it is not advisable if you are already pregnant to take tigovit.

  6. How about the caffeine content in tigovit green tea complex?

    tigovit contains only traces of caffeine. It is just the active ingredient contained by the green tea plant.
    Three capsules of tigovit are comparable to 1/10 of a cup of caffeine-containing coffee.

  7. Can the intake of tigovit green tea complex harm me?

    Our daily recommendation is up to 3 capsules of tigovit daily. That does not hurt the body.
    At tigovit, we indicate a recommended intake, on the packaging and on the leaflet.

  8. Please explain how to understand the consumption recommendation “between meals”?

    “Between meals” means that you can take tigovit green tea complex on a fasting basis, or at least 1/2 hour before or 1 hour after eating. The consumption recommendation is advised so tigovits ingredients  don’t get deactivated by the stomach acid or by food components.

  9. Is tigovit vegan?

    Yes the green tea capsules contain only plant based ingredients.

  10. Is the Green tea used in tigovit organic?

    tigovit uses only green tea from one source, which is a Tea Garden in China that is “bio certified” by the German Standard.
    Which is at the same standard as organic certified farming and even higher.
    This farm has never used any pesticides in it’s production. Each batch of green tea extract has been subject of independent laboratory tests,
    which we publicly disclose. 

  11. Is International Shipping possible?

    Through the regular check out, shipping is possible within the USA and to Canada. For other Countries, you can email us or contact through chat and we will provide a quote on shipping cost. Another option is to get a US shipping address through a mail forwarder, purchase from us and have it shipped through a mail forwarder as MYUS.com

Please contact us for more information.