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3 Things to Consider for Better Sleep and a Healthier Mind

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By Jennifer Scott from

There’s an indelible connection between sleep and mental health, and recognizing this can do wonders for your overall health. In fact, some research indicates poor sleep can contribute to a host of mental problems, including depression, anxiety, and more. At the same time, those mental health concerns can leave people tossing and turning at night, creating a downward cycle.

Indeed, sleep offers tremendous healing powers for the body and mind. For you to get the full mental and physical perks of sleep, it’s important to ensure that you not only get an adequate amount, but that you’re getting quality snoozes, too. Tigovit explains how to do just that.

Consider your sleep environment

It’s a fact that how well you sleep has a lot to do with where you sleep. In fact, it’s in your best interests to create your perfect sleep environment, which takes into account factors like temperature, lighting, and noise. Less-than-ideal parameters for each one can effectively interrupt sleep, or even prevent it.

Your bed is also a crucial element that can spell the difference between excellent and substandard sleep. Huffington Post notes it’s interesting to note that your mattress alone can affect your sleep in surprising ways. While a good mattress will have you sleeping like a baby, a bad one can cause pain and inflammation.

This is why it’s important to give choosing a mattress more than a passing thought. Ideally, it should have the right amount of firmness to keep you supported, as well as allow you comfort regardless of your position, like if you prefer to sleep on your side. Many people prefer memory foam mattresses because they can shape to your body and provide support at pressure points. With that in mind, it makes sense to research better brands and find your perfect solution.

Consider your bedfellows.

There’s plenty of science behind the fact that pets can do wonders in alleviating a plethora of mental conditions. The question of whether sleeping with your dog or cat is just as ideal or not naturally follows. For many, it’s no big deal, and some may even argue its merits. However, Newsweek explains this may be contributing to your sleep deprivation more than you realize, especially if they’re large enough to take up considerable space in your bed.

Indeed, if you want to improve the amount and quality of your sleep, it’s high time to consider separate sleeping arrangements from your pet. No doubt, it’ll be hard to break the habit, but providing your pet with their own comfortable space to sleep in like a dog bed will be beneficial for both of you in the long run. A dog crate is also worth considering, especially at first, so you can keep them in a specific area through the night without interrupting your slumber. Dog crates come in various models, each with special features, but as a rule of thumb, go for one that gives your pet enough room to stand, move around, and lie down comfortably.

Consider your routine.

Finally, know that your regular routines have an impact on the quality of your sleep. A good bedtime routine essentially entails cutting down your screen time hours before bedtime and settling down to sleep at the same time each night. Winding down with a meditation practice, a warm bath, or a calming yoga sequence are also recommended.

And it doesn’t end there; your daytime routine matters, too. It’s important to stick to your sleep cycle by waking up at the same time daily and avoiding long naps. Moreover, it’s good practice to incorporate regular exercise. If stress at the workplace is the cause of a poor slumber, particularly if it’s due to “the boss,” ZenBusiness suggests taking time to consider the pressures they’re under; empathizing at any level will help you see the bigger picture and reduce the angst you’re experiencing, thereby allowing you to leave work at work.

Suffice it to say, great sleep and a healthy mind may just be a few lifestyle tweaks away. So consider these doable adjustments for you to sleep better and live better. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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