Positive Changes From the Pandemic

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The pandemic has changed our lives completely, and while many hope those changes are temporary, the crisis has unearthed some permanent ones that will remain with us for a while. But the pandemic has also brought on some positives. Here are a few ways the crisis has changed what’s normal and the benefits these changes bring.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay?

The pandemic triggered massive shifts in how we work. In the beginning, countless people worldwide created home offices overnight to adapt, but while the change appeared to be temporary, more than a few companies have since announced long-term work-from-home plans. Moreover, working from home is proving to be the way of the future — pandemic or not. Many companies are even deciding to allow employees to work from home permanently, including Coinbase, Adobe, Facebook, etc.

The positive side of employees working from home is that companies are able to reduce infrastructure costs. Employees also benefit from this change — most workers love that they have increased schedule flexibility, more time with family, and fewer expenses.

Increased Telemedicine

Mental health issues increased during the crisis due to isolation, uncertainty, and fear. Compared to 2019, anxiety and depression rates have exploded by more than three-fold. As a result, patients are looking to online therapy options to cope. Many practices have already started offering these services, which are likely to see higher levels of use in the future.

Telemedicine applies to more than just mental health, as well. While physical exams remain a crucial aspect of medical visits, routine problems can be diagnosed and managed virtually. And because virtual doctor visits reduce wait times and transport concerns, telemedicine is increasingly being adopted into medical care.

Disrupted Routines and Healthier Habits

The pandemic also limited what activities many people can engage in, opening up more ways for people to get healthy. Health professionals like nutritionists and fitness coaches now also offer their services online, helping people adopt and maintain healthier habits 

With so many rethinking their lifestyle and health due to COVID, nutritious foods and vitamins have become a staple in most households. Green tea, for instance, is a valuable antioxidant that also aids weight loss and helps prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more. Learn more about how Tigovital’s Tigovit and Tigosol can contribute to your
overall wellness.

Take Action Today

How people shop, commute to work, etc. have also changed. As a result, people have improved their daily lives by trying out new things, learning new hobbies, being innovative with how they do business, and more. If you want to start a business or a new career or buy a new home, this is the perfect time for action.


For instance, buying a home during the crisis may not be a bad idea after all — most successful and lucrative home purchases have been made during a recession. Make sure to know what kind of house you want and need, research the market, stay up to date on design trends, find funding, and house-hunt safely.


To say that the pandemic was a crisis unlike any other would be putting it mildly. It may have left a few parts of daily life unscathed, but it also brought on some positive changes.


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