Green Tea, Vitamin C and Vitamin D may help fighting viruses

The concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19) is not misplaced. The information on this pandemic changes almost daily. At this writing, it appears, COVID-19 grows exponentially, with an infection rate between 25% and 35%. While scientists are working around the clock to learn more and stem this coronavirus, can you do something for yourself and help boost your immunity?

Certain plants, drinks and vitamins can help ward off viral and bacterial intruders.

The best way to prevent the getting and spreading this virus is to follow the recommendations of the CDC, get enough sleep, practice good hygiene (washing your hands!) and consume a healthy vitamin-rich diet. To help your body, even more, here are two active ingredients and nutrients that, according to medical research, may help ward off viral infections.

Antiviral superheroes: green tea antioxidants

Green tea contains a special antioxidant, the epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. Various studies indicate, EGCG supports the immune system (your defense against infection). Green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps the body fight germs.

tigovit capsules contains Ester-C® which is not just any vitamin C. It is gentler on the stomach and is not quickly broken down by the body like conventional ascorbic acid but is evenly released to the body over 12 hours. Making it the perfect vitamin kick against viruses and bacteria.

Remember, it is important to make your diet rich in vitamins. Make sure, fresh vegetables and fruits are on your plate. Dietary supplements can provide an extra boost of vitamin C and EGCG during cold and flu season as well as during a rampant viral infection like the coronavirus, COVID-19.

lemons, limes and greapfruit
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