Tanja Hohenester, CEO and Managing Director of Tahovital GmbH, was honored as one of the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders of 2019”, at the IFAH – International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare for her contribution to the healthcare industry. The international conference took place December 16 to 18  2019, in Dubai. The IFAH “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” recognizes individuals for developing innovations in healthcare.

As a subsidiary of Prism Events, IFAH aims to set standards for excellence in health care by honoring the best leaders and organizations from around the world.

In 2019 Hohenester was also honored by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics as “The Role Model Entrepreneur of 2019”.

Tanja Hohenester, a passionate alternative medicine advocate, specializing in women’s health, founded Tahovital GmbH to offer 100% natural and organic food supplements made with high-quality green tea.

A Pioneer in the field of green tea, Thaovital’s first product, tigovit Green Tea Capsules, has been selected for use in clinical studies on the treatment of fibroids at the Charité Women’s Clinic in Berlin. A powerful, pure, and natural antioxidant, one capsule has nutritional benefi equivalent of four cups of green tea.

Tahovital’s latest innovation, tigosol is the first preparation to combine the valuable bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis with vitamin D and green tea extract (EGCG).