“Dealing With Fibroid Tumors Naturally” by Katie Schrader

Fibroids are very common. They affect approximately 30% of all women by the age of 30 and almost 80% by the age of 50. They are most common in women aged 40 to 50.

Learning to live with your fibroid tumor naturally will help you be in control and not allow the fibroid tumor to take control.

Author Katie Schrader is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and herbalist.

She shares her story in a refreshing and personal manner with her insights, treatments and options for living with your fibroid tumor, healthily and naturally.

Treating a fibroid tumor holistically can bring about a wonderful change in your body, from understanding which herbs will work for you, to learning meditation therapy and healing through foods. Follow the author on a journey of self-discovery and personal healing.  The book offers recipes, and journaling help.

Feed your mind, body and soul not your fibroid.

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