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tigovit green tea complex

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In my 60’s now. I have been aware of the benefits of Green Tea and EGCG, for some time. I read many studies supporting those benefits but I have been holding back on taking a Green Tea Extract because I was concerned about the quality of some of the products out there. Green tea extracts comes from all over the world and you really don’t know what you are getting or about quality control. I was pleased to find tigovit. Quality controls begins with where and how it is grown and cultivated. That continues all the way through the processing and packaging of the tea and with the independent lab testing.
I like that each individual is sealed in a blister packs so they stay fresh and clean.
I also like that it has Ester C and Bioperine in it.
I can take this product feeling confident that it is that it’s as good as I can find.
This is my second package of tigovit and I have noticed my inflammation noticeably diminished, I simply feel better and have a little more energy. The energy increase is not like you get with caffeine or energy drinks. Not edgy, you hardly notice it but it’s there.
If anything changes I will let you know.
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Toby Geiger